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Family Teacher Organization (FTO)

The Justice Page Elementary Family-Teacher Organization is a group of family and staff who care for their Justice Page Elementary students, who work to strengthen and supplement the school’s learning environment. We offer opportunities for events and resources, engage families, create community, foster an inclusive environment, and help district and staff with resources to grow student learning opportunities. We embrace Justice Page Elementary’s diverse student body and surrounding community, and seek to foster an inclusive and equitable environment for all.

Justice Page Elementary Family-Teacher Organization is open to all, whether you’ve attended many meetings or none, you can attend every meeting or just one, you have something specific to share or just want to listen in. We welcome you–please join us!

The Justice Page Elementary Family-Teacher Organization typically meets the first Monday of each month in the evening; to see the most up-to-date meeting schedule or for real-time updates, visit the Justice Page Family-Teacher Organization on Facebook.

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2023-2024 Family-Teacher Organization Officers

  • Amber Wischer, president

  • Jennifer Brezniak, vice president

  • Dan Brust, treasurer

  • Kenyata Smith, recording secretary

  • Allie Hawley March, communications

  • Steve Cook, fundraiser coordinator


JPE Family-Teacher Organization on Facebook

FTO Frequently Asked Questions

You are invited and welcome to attend any or all monthly FTO meetings! There's no better way to find out what's going on at our school or to find out how you can be more involved in your child's education. We love to see new faces and hear new voices!

Thank you! We appreciate your dedication to our students and staff.

What does it take to be in the FTO?

Anyone who has a student who attends our school is automatically a member of the FTO! There are no fees, no commitment, and no prior experience necessary!

Do I have to attend EVERY meeting if I attend ONE meeting?

No! You can come to any or all meetings that work for you.

What happens at a FTO meeting?

We hear about FTO financials, get updates about school happenings, learn what's going on in classrooms from grade-level teachers and specialists, and sometimes we even have exciting guest speakers!

What is the purpose of the FTO?

The purpose of the FTO is to work with parents, teachers, and staff to enhance the student educational experience. The FTO organizes fundraisers and events to raise money to benefit students. The money raised goes directly back to kids in the form of classroom materials, field trips, school assemblies, and more. FTO members make decisions on how to best allocate funds.

Why should I get involved in the FTO?

  • Get to better know your child's teacher, our principal, and connect with other parents.
  • Learn more about the school.
  • Help make decisions that affect your school and your child.
  • Research shows that parent involvement greatly affects the success rate of students in a positive way.
  • IT'S FUN!